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Everyday CBD Elixir

Sugar-free and unflavored


10mg+ per serving

Made in the USA (Washington State) with US Organic Hemp

0% THC

When creating our unique ENP CBD Elixir, specifically formulated for use in all types of drinks, we wanted to help our customers access the benefits of hemp on the go. You’ll mostly find ENP CBD Elixir at espresso stands, cafes, juice bars, and local drink hubs. The usability of this type of formulation allows the CBD’s to be infused into literally any type of liquid! We have kept the ingredients to a minimum, creating a flavorless solution that can be utilized in a diverse amount of ways with ones imagination being the only limit to the possibilities. It’s also sugar-free, giving you control over how sweet or not sweet you like your beverages.

Suggested Use:

Add to your favorite hot or cold beverage – mixes with anything!

Other Fun Suggestions:

Smoothie, juice, water, hot cocoa, electrolyte rehydration drinks, even with milk for your breakfast, add into your bath (we do have a bubble bath for that however!

Laboratory Grade Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Acacia Gum, Proprietary Hemp Seed Extract, C8 MCT Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E (Sunflower, Colloidal Silver